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Search Engine Optimization  SEO 3

We can't express how important SEO is to a website. No matter what business or service you have and how fancy of a website you have, it means nothing if you don't show up in search results on the internet. Traffic to your website can turn a starving business to a highly successful business. Some people or businesses may have a bad taste in their mouth as they may have paid someone that promised you results and ended up getting ripped off. Unfortunately there are more rip off SEO service scams than legitimate. Many 3rd word countries are making a fortune ripping hard working business off and not delivering anything and there is little anyone can do to an overseas company. The rip offs are all over the place and it sad that United States based scams are active too! It is big business because who don't want to have a successful business with strong website traffic? The good news is there are real effective SEO services and we are one of them. Below are some of the techniques we use that are factual. SEO 5

Onsite SEO

There are so many factors that determine high ranking traffic

Besides effective content you also need an attractive website that people enjoy looking at. Onsite SEO is what we do to websites to increase traffic. Before we start we analyze your page and test and documentthe current search results rankings. We target Google rankings the most because it is the most widely used search engine on the internet but we also optimize for Yahoo, Bing, AOL and many of the other search engines. When we start our work we look at the type of business or service you have and determine the keywords and phrases people type in to search for your business and we make sure we have the right amount of keyword density on your pages. Effective writing is very important for SEO and content. We also use tags on images and all content on your page.We create onsite blogs and newsletters and use subscriber subscriptions. We connect and post your social media accounts on your site along with sharing options. We like to use audio and video as this helps visitor conversions. We use call to action buttons on all pages. We create outbound links because search engines loves websites that spreads their wings and if you create an informative outbound link this encourages other companies to link to your site for reference (see off site SEO).

Off Site SEO

Work we do off your site is equal important. We use a number of back-links that link to your site but are very careful because your site can get penalized if they find out you are buying or trading back-links. Back-links must be relevant to your business and be a natural link to be effective. We write our own Google blogs that we market and link to your site. We also post the blogs on other sites and social media accounts to increase visitors.We list your website in directories and all search engines and use analytic for monitor trafficking. SEO is an on going need. SEO 2

Marketing,Maintenance and Monitoring

We contently monitor, maintain and keep up on your marketing to keep your site in the Marketinglimelight . It is important to keep up on your site to stay on top of your competitors. 

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